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Feel free to start at a local youth home that is addicted to online gambling, and you can’t reach addiction support

There are concerns that the number of young people who are addicted to online gambling may have increased more than expected due to the public money misunderstanding case in Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The arrested 24 바카라카지노 -year -old man has stated that “the money transferred was spent at an online casino,” and the number of consultations with support organizations and medical examinations have increased rapidly.

In the case of online, being able to start gambling at home even in rural areas seems to promote digital young people. On the other hand, it has been pointed out that local residents are difficult to access medical institutions and self -help groups in urban areas, making it difficult to recover. (Writer Tomoko Arima)

● Youth in your early 20s with “debt over 10 million yen”

Former Professor Tansei Gakuen University, currently a hospital in Sapporo City, who is involved in clinical practice of gambling addiction, interviewed members of the collective therapy in mid -June, more than half of the 22 people. It was dependent on online gambling. Of these, 10 public horse racing, four online casinos, and one used both. In addition, all four casinos were in their 20s and early 30s, and some of them had more than 10 million yen, despite their 20s.

“I was surprised that the online casino users, which had been rare before, to 20 % of the patients,” said Tanabe.

Prior to the rise of online gambling, Dr. Tanabe’s collective therapy participants in 10, and 7 to 8 were middle -aged and high -age pachinko slot -dependent, “Is there one horse racing?” However, as the ratio of online gambling has increased, the age of the participants has declined, and the amount of debt has increased.

“If a young man who does not have earned 1 million yen has a debt of over 10 million yen, he thinks that he has no choice but to return it with gambling. I realized that I needed to think about young people. “

Dr. Tanabe believes that public gambling, such as horse racing, is actively promoting popular talents, which is also a factor for young people to start gambling. Furthermore, if you purchase a betting ticket using a mobile phone company’s payment service, the fee will be deducted at the same time as the mobile phone fee, so the feeling of borrowing will be weakened.

“In some cases, if my child told me that my father would lend me money because the balance was gone, I wouldn’t be able to use my smartphone, and my parents tried to replace them.”

● Gambling systems are not interrupted, and access to treatment tends to be interrupted.

In the past, when people in a large area in Hokkaido tried to perform horse racing, it was necessary to drive for a long time and go to an out -of -place betting field in major cities. However, as the onlineization has progressed, Dr. Tanabe points out that “people who live in rural areas have created an environment where gambling is easily addicted.”

“I hear that even people who tend to be withdrawn at home are addicted to gambling.”

On the other hand, if these people fall into addiction, it is a heavy burden to continue to go to the addiction outpatient or self -help groups in the city. The government has said that security related to personal information has become a wall, and the recovery support project that utilizes online has not yet been working. “Gambling systems are not interrupted, and access to treatment tends to be interrupted. It is also worthwhile that public health nurses were full of Corona measures and lost their afford to support the addicted person,” said Dr. Tanabe. Make up.

There are also online meetings that are held by the parties and their families voluntarily, but some people are familiar with digital tools such as ZOOMs and hesitate to participate. In addition, in order to create a safe place for self -help groups, there are many associations exclusively for addiction party, “It is difficult to accept new participants because it is difficult to judge whether the applicants are involved in online. It is difficult to accept new participants. Some people do not have an environment in which they participate in it. “(Dr. Tanabe).

● “In 10 minutes, 20 minutes, it was irresistible that the money increased to 100,000 and 200,000.”

As already reported, supporters and family members, such as the “Society for Gambling addiction issues”, submitted a request to the government to strengthen the regulations on online casinos on June 10. Noriko Tanaka of the association said at a press conference on the same day that consultation with the association was rapidly increasing, saying, “It is said that so many young people have started using online casinos casually.” I was surprised.

The dependents who have led to the “Thinking Party” give a sense of speed as the “appeal” of online gambling. A man (in his forties) of a certain addiction looked back as follows.

“Horse racing has a long waiting time between races, and pachinko can win about 20,000 yen even if you hit for one hour. But online casinos are not unusual for money to move about 50,000 yen in 30 seconds. Win. In a short time of 10 minutes or 20 minutes, it was irresistible that the money increased to 100,000 and 200,000. “

The man said that his monetary sense was paralyzed as he bet on betting, and the amount of the screen began to look just numbers. “Even if you lose, your previously won memory creates weird confidence and just thinks you can regain it. Even if you win or lose, it did not end until you lose money.”

● “Realized processes are gone and gambling is purified”

From the outside, online gambling and online games continue to look at the screen in the same way, so it is easy to misunderstand that the addictive process is the same. However, another party, “I was addicted to both,” emphasized that there was a big difference between them.

“The game is praised by friends when the game improves, and the desire for approval is satisfied. I have abandoned my daily life and played games for 56 consecutive hours. But in the case of gambling, only the amount. I think I was attached to

Dr. Tanabe analyzes online gambling that the tendency to be high in debt in a short period of time is because the act is more gambling.

For real horse racing, buy a betting ticket, look at the horses in the paddock and go to the race. Some young people will be pressed in the atmosphere of the out -of -place betting field and the racetrack where middle -aged gamblers are crowded. But online all of these processes are omitted.

“Proceed with multiple races on the smartphone screen at the same time and follow only the increase or decrease in money. Even if the same 100,000 yen is lost in 2 minutes on the smartphone screen, it is possible to lose it in the racetrack and pachinko parlor one day. , The former may be more difficult to realize. “

● “The government should not allow measures to recommend dependent substances to young people.”

Dr. Tanabe pointed out that online gambling is also difficult to prevent “slip (reusing dependent substances)”.

“If you are in the hospital, you will not be able to get alcohol or drugs unless you escape, but online gambling can be done with a smartphone. There is a problem at the point. “

He further emphasized that “smartphones strongly stimulate patients in the early recovery.”

The person with the early recovery is constantly fighting the impulse of “I want to do it again if I can’t find it” or “I guess I can’t do it.” In such a case, the fact that there are tools that can realize impulse will increase the conflict. Push ads from casinos, notified to smartphones, are also stimulating.

“Online has a large amount of money in a short time, and those who are prepared for dying due to gambling may be a place to invest in all property for one -shot reversal.”

According to Tanaka’s representative of the “Gambling -addicted Society”, three suicides have come from the party involved in the association this year. Gambling is often lurking not only in suicide but also for crimes such as embezzlement and social problems such as child’s neglect.

Dr. Tanabe finally said as follows.

“The negative effects of gambling is greater than the cover, so the government should not allow measures to recommend dependent substances to young people. Promotion of casinos and sports gambling will also recover the decline in the industry. I think it’s only a means of suffering, because of the incompetence that can’t produce a policy. ”

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