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We face each other with universalism (the tide that both white and colored races are the same person), but they move in the theory of Gonji (the theory that white is given the right to control the colored races). It is. (3) | Japan will be severely damaged by the tsunami UFO Agarta Shambara

・ It is strange that there is a children’s cafeteria in the first place. This is because this means that the government does not guarantee the “cultural and minimal living right” stipulated in Article 25 of the Constitution and throws welfare to the private sector. Children’s hunger is not to be left to the private sector, but a problem that should be solved by public expenditures, and must not allow the increase in the “small government (minimum welfare state)”.

・ The strange theory of recovering the economy by reprinting government bonds has become popular, but this is an airsman theory that does not involve the actual situation at all. In the first place, the supporters of this theory do not understand that the people pay the principal interests of government bonds by tax payment, and that more than 40 % of national taxes are used for redemption of government bonds every year.

-The circumstances that the ruling layer can do so much is that Russia and China have become a market state, and the capitalist enemies of communism and socialism have disappeared. In other words, no matter how abused the people, the philosophy of opposition has already been killed, and the exploitation has become extreme due to the elimination of revolutionary concerns. This is the principle that capital is rampant in the modern world.

・ Under the Abe administration, the number of non -regular employees has increased by 3.04 million. Unless nearly half of the workers now correct the disposable (placaliat), the economy will not recover. In other words, the only way to stimulate domestic demand and normalize the economy is to release a modern slave called Haken and obligate regular employment, but since the enhancement of the dispatch system is a request of Nippon Keidanren, it is very important. Is erased from national affairs.

・ Wages pinched by temporary employees are transformed into a dividend of foreign investors. Therefore, if you try to oblige regular employment, you will be an ISDS lawsuit (investor -vs. dispute) in the TPP or FTA framework. Moreover, what was once decided by the ratchet clause is never allowed. The people think sweetly, but the interference of domestic affairs under the Trade Convention extends to the field of labor.

・ The background of large companies accumulating huge internal reserves is the rating of Moody’s. In other words, internal reserves are increasing to maintain their stock prices. Another factor in internal reserves is that international accounting standards emphasize free cash flow. For this reason, Japanese companies have reduced R & D expenses, worked hard on restructuring, replaced regular employees with dispatch, and allocated the floating money for internal reserves. In other words, a huge amount of money of 500 trillion yen has been retired for the dividend of foreign investors, which has become an economic thrombus, and the consumption recession has continued for more than a quarter century.

Despite the devastation of Japanese society, investment banks, led by UBS and Credit Switzerland, sent 600 trillion yen to tax avoidance in a single year, accumulating the total assets of offshore to 3,000 trillion yen. In other words, the money of the people did not disappear, but was transferred to their account. Both gaps and poverty are produced in a global zero -sam game (winner total competition).

・ The current social situation in Japan is very similar to Soviet before the collapse. In other words, a privileged bureaucrat (Nomenkuratura) personalizes taxes, politicians sell public companies and infrastructure to foreign capital, and a nuclear accident occurs when the economy and finances have become messy (the collapse of the Soviet Union). 바카라사이트 Is following. Can you deny this similarity?

・ A huge “mass society (a system that operates an elite)” that has never been experienced by humankind has appeared. And the center tools are public recreation such as soccer, baseball, and rugby. As a result, the people have lost their intelligence and dealt with, and have become a flock of uniform syntax behavior. In fact, in the historical phase of the elimination of tariff self -rights, the public was not even impressed with it and was enthusiastic about the competition.

・ The Diet also uses many errors. For example, when a member of TPP and FTA can be obtained at a low price, it is not mentioned in the risk of “one -sided display” that does not mention the risk, and in the case of the nuclear accident, “bonds” and “reconstruction” are scattered. There are many tricks, such as “filled words” to be operated, and “authoritative arguments”, which make famous scholars say they are safe when releasing contaminated water.

-The modern foolish program has been added to 3s (SEX, Sport, SCREEN), which is 4S. It has been pointed out that overreacting to the simple syntax and short sentences peculiar to SNS reduces vocabulary and reading comprehension, resulting in deterioration of thinking, but this is dangerous because it is not aware.

・ In our society, in our society, such as privatization of infrastructure and public enterprises, marketing for medical care and education, enhancement of the first military system (politics that reduce social security expenditures and spend on military expenses), and enforcement of crackdowns that threaten democratic rights. If you look at what is happening, it is the same as “Japan -US society 20 years late extension theory.” In other words, the present in the United States is always the near future of Japan. And at the same time, it is proof that there is a transformal polity (a unified rule that transcends the nation).

・ In Japan, like Hong Kong and China, there will be a useless surveillance system linked to personal information, personal number, LINE, biological authentication, and smartphone and surveillance camera. It is exactly the modern embodies of Panopticon (surveillance prison society), which was envisioned by Jerem Benzam.

“To the young people born in the destruction country of Japan”

Ryo Akishima (former name, Yukino Hibikido) Hakuba 2019/5/27

・ More than 80 % of the laws enacted in Japanese are “Cabinet legislation” created by government officials. In other words, the “legislative legislation” created by parliamentarians is less than 20 % of the total. And since the “legislative legislation” is also adjusted by the Cabinet Legal Bureau, most of the laws are actually made by government officials who do not have the right to vote. in this way

The parliamentary member is just a decoration, but a mechanism for civil servants to manage legislation is called the “bureaucracy”.

・ The government claims to attract a casino to call foreign tourists, but it is expected that more than 70 % of visitors are Japanese people.

-The country that is conveniently treated in foreign countries is called “client state”.

・ Due to the establishment of the “Revised Water Supply Law”, water supply has been left to foreign companies.

-The penetration of multinational companies to spread into everyday life is called “colonization in the life world.”

・ The enactment of the casino law has made a huge gambling place in various places. However, there are already huge gambling facilities in Japanese, such as pachinko, slot, horse racing, bicycle racing, and boat racing.

It has been pointed out that more than 3 million people are addicted. So, considering the happiness of the people and the dignity of the nation, you should not spread the gambling anymore. Nevertheless, the circumstances of this bill were enforced because the gambling books such as Las Vegas Sands provided enormous election funds to Donald Trump and demanded diplomatic diplomacy to promote casinos.

・ Incorporating the circumstances of the partner country in this way and urging the enactment of laws and concluding agreements is called “control and pressure interference”.

・ The country has complained of immigration orthodox due to unprecedented labor shortage. However, the number of unemployed in Japan exceeds 1.6 million, and there are only the same number of people who surpass day labor or short -term part -time jobs.

・ It is called a “story” to talk about the hemakase that ignores statistics and a shortage of manpower as if it were a fact.

Surprisingly, in the phases of Japanese losing sovereignty, people who claim to be conservative vowed loyalty to foreign capital and helped to overlook economic markets and social capital. In other words, right -wing organizations and Shinto federation, which are in the body of striving to protect the national polity, have become the Global companies, promoting free trade and the special economic zone. Animus Dominandy is the one who throws pride and principle in such a group.

・ Immigration has been lifted by the “Amendment of the Immigration and Advancement Management Law”. However, according to the Economic Planning Agency’s estimation, if immigrants flow in about 1 million people, the overall wages will be reduced by 24 % as low -cost wages spread to salaries.

-The stupid theory that ignores reality and advises society due to the increase in immigration is called “dust economy”.

・ In recent years, all economic zones such as China have been failed. In the first place, the special economic zone is a means of attracting foreign companies in exchange for low wages and low taxes, so it is only negative for developed countries.

-The international lawyer office has a branch in countries, not the medical and pharmaceutical industry, not the insurance and the financial industry, the IT industry, but not the IT industry, but not the IT industry. Because the TPP has an ISDS clause, the lawyers are focusing on many of the Japanese systems, and they are approaching participating countries a lawsuit plan.

・ In India, more than 300,000 farmers committed suicide in the past 20 years, which was also a disaster caused by the free trade system. Inexpensive foreign products are also rushing to the Japanese after the TPP comes into effect, and many producers are forced to go out of business or shrink. In this way, the capital and the government are integrated and dominating foreign markets is called “interest expansion.”

・ In other words, Nihon signed a catastrophic agreement in a form that fully accepts the conditions presented by foreign capital. The state in which the function of protecting the national interests has disappeared is called “government hollow phenomenon.”

・ Foreign companies can control most economic fields through TPP. These companies will avoid tax obligations under the tax treaties for the prevention of dual taxation, and bring out most of the profits obtained by Japanese to the country.

・ The framework of trade that damages the trade partner country is called “hostile trade”.

・ The contents of the TPP are secretly specified for four years. During this time, only the persons involved in multinational companies are allowed to view the provisions, and even members of the Diet cannot know the details.

-The process of concluding the agreement and the content of the agreement and its contents are uncertain is called “policy laundering”.

・ The fact that the trade agreement is ranked high by the national constitution means that the national parliament will be invalidated. In other words, the effect of TPP is the same as the end of democracy.

・ In this way, the system in which investors and entrepreneurs have more authority than the national parliament are called “super nationalism”.

・ It cannot be discarded even if you notice the TPP’s invasion intention. This is because the agreement in the agreement includes a “ratchet clause” that prohibits withdrawal. In the first place, the national constitution can be changed by a referendum, but trade agreements cannot be changed without agreements from member states. In other words, Japanese is swallowed by this system forever and cannot regain sovereignty again. In this way, the view that the future is determined by the preceding event is called “determination theory.”

・ The TPP has come into effect, but the people do not understand the horror. It is not known that ratification in free trade in the modern world is the same as the abandonment of sovereignty. In other words, it is impossible to predict that foreign countries such as customs laws, administrative laws, hospital laws, accounting laws, food laws, trademark laws, copyright laws, patent laws, and pharmaceutical laws can be changed conveniently by foreign countries. is. It is called “multi -dimensional ignorance” to make an error that it is not a big problem because the media nor the surroundings are noisy.

・ Ratification means “consent to being restrained by the agreement”. In short, it suggests that a trade agreement is positioned as a high -ranking constitution. Therefore, in the future, Japan must prioritize the demands of member countries than the happiness of the people and the development of their own economy. In other words, you have to operate the law according to the order of a member -based company. The political style determined by the power that straddles the multilateral is called “linkage polity”.

・ If there is no public funding such as pensions and the BOJ, the Stock Exchange stock price is estimated at most about 10,000 yen. In other words, the current stock market is a disguise market that pours the assets of the people and raised the price. In addition, private consumption has fallen for three consecutive years, and the Japanese economy is in the midst of the largest recession after the war. The incorrect recognition of the media that has been made in such a official gazette is called “teaching effect.”

・ Newspaper companies report that the number of bankruptcy cases has become the minimum ever. However, on the other hand, voluntary closure due to poor performance has recorded the highest ever. Television stations report that the effective job openings ratio has reached a record high. However, about 60 % of them are low -wages, less than 150,000 yen per month, and fixed -term employment such as dispatch. In other words, political failures are hidden by media rhetoric. In this way, the distortion of cognitive distortion caused by newspaper television cuts out and reporting information is called “media bias”.

・ The boom is a cycle in which the income of the people increases, personal consumption promotes capital investment, and interest rates increase due to increased funding demand. However, newspaper television’s booming does not meet this requirement at all. According to the statistics of the International Currency Fund, the growth rate of GDP in Japan in 2017 is 147th of 191 in 191 countries, and is expected to retreat in the future. In other words, the Japanese economy is in the midst of a great recession. It is called “mind set” to be believed to be a fact by the media, though it is an overt false.

・ Mass media does not tell that the sovereignty has disappeared by the TPP. We do not report how much the damage to the nuclear accident has spread. The fact that stock management has caused enormous losses in pensions, and that the prime minister’s abroad has been spending 12 years of national defense expenses, and the Japanese welfare expenditure is the lowest in the developed countries. The salary of parliamentarians and civil servants is the best in the world.

・ Newspaper television took up the tax evasion of Carlos Ghosn. However, the core of the problem is not a omission of ¥ 12 billion, but the Japanese economic system has become a colony structure. In other words, while Nissan fires 20,000 employees and period work, Renault pays nearly 100 billion yen dividends a year, but the real problem is that foreigners exploit Japanese people and enormous money. The mechanism to run away is completed. In this way, the power function of the media that replaces the issue of discussion is called “agenda setting”.

・ According to a public poll of Kyodo News, the Cabinet approval rating is nearly 50 %.

However, the TPP abandoned sovereignty, destroyed traditional agriculture by abolishing the seed law, sold water to foreign capital by privatization, deprived employment by lifting of immigrants, and decisive recession by raising the consumption tax rate. The administration that destroys the retirement funds and tries to make the country a nuclear garbage disposal site in the world, should not be supported by half the people. Opinion polls created with data extracted from those who can get such an answer as expected are called “false by biased specimens.”

・ The Secretary of the United States Public Relations and Cultural Exchange Bureau has stated that the role of the Information Agency is to open the market abroad. In reality, the Japanese people were distracted by the “stupid program”, and the ratification of TPP and the special division of major cities were decided. Again, free trade and economic zones are institutional frameworks for global capital to suck the national wealth, and despite the fact that this causes a catastrophic situation, the people still do not understand what is happening. In this way, media such as television used as a weapon of the low -strength war is called “psychological media”.

・ Most people do not know the amount or breakdown of the special account, which is the real budget of the country. I don’t know that the entire consumption tax is used for tax reductions between large companies and wealthy people, nor have a budget of the Amakuda twice as much as the Defense Budget. I don’t know how many government bonds are issued each year, or how much of the parliament is donating from foreign companies. And I don’t know that most of the laws are made by civil servants and the US military in Japan, not the Diet. In other words, in Japanese, the political knowledge of adults over the age of 50 is not much different from junior high school students. The situation in which people without ignorant awareness are guided to the media and form a public opinion is called “majority tyranny.”

・ The government’s administration receives donations from foreign capital and enacted the law in response to it. Nevertheless, the podium magazines and opinion magazines write that they are patriotized conservative political parties. Nearly 90 % of the 6.2 billion yen of secretariat secret costs are used for “policy promotion costs” that do not require receipts, and these editors and speeches are eventually acquired and wrote a lantern article as mentioned. Only. A flock of shameless criticisms that are kept in power is called “Embedded Journalist.”

・ As advisors of the Pachinko Chain Store Association, 25 LDP members of the Diet, six members of the Japan Restoration Association, 8 members of the Democratic Party of the National Democratic Party, and four constitutional Democratic members. In short, politicians have been donating by missing remittances to the north, taking the convenience of the industry.

・ A modern paradoxical appearance, which is an advanced information society, is a “shining darkness” that cannot be perceived.

・ The ideology of our country is not a democracy in which the national representatives perform politics. It is a special form that is based on neo -liberalism and is a mixture of minimal welfare, corporate dictatorship, bureaucracy exploitation, new colonialism, and minority tyranny. The intentions and actions of this unknown of the people are called “potential functions.”

・ There are about three types of national views. In other words, Hegel -like perception is regarded as a political unified mechanism of ethnic groups or a cultural organ. A marx -like way to be a tool mechanism for exploiting classes. And there is a negative and heart -like way of thinking that it is only a community in the global company’s “empire”.

-The attitude of thinking that analyzes and analyzes the streaks in this way is called “theoretical reason.”

・ Barak Obama has signed NDAA (Defense Control Law to legalize speech control) in his retirement. In other words, the “Patriot Law”, which was a legislative legislation, was made permanent.

・ The convergence of each country to the same system due to the development of the war economy is called “structural same format”.

・ The US Finance Secretary not only determines the national budget, but also formulates various tax systems, and will also be responsible for the right to issue currency, and also serves as a representative of the Federal Reserve Council and the International Currency Fund. In other words, the Finance Secretary is the highest power of the religion that surpasses the president.

・ In the hierarchy of power, which is the top of the country, is only a terminal person.

・ In the United States, the decision was made in 2010 called “Citizins United”. The point is that the laws that set the maximum amount of election fund donations have been eliminated, and it was legal to send those who are breathtaking to politics.

・ The political system consisting of companies and finance pressure is called “pressure polity”.

・ Barak Obama, the predecessor, also changed the policy as many of the election pledges and as the multinational capital was told. Obama’s military expenses were more than the Bush administration, which caused the Iraqi war, and just before his retirement, he approved a 100 trillion yen missile defense plan, which is exactly the same as his reduced welfare budget. It was the forehead. And his successor Donald Trump has declared that it will further increase the national debt to generate a war budget. In this way, companies and organizations that have the power to manipulate the top politics are called “non -national acts.”

・ Since 2012, when the Liberal Democratic Party returned to the ruling party, political donations by the top nine military companies have doubled. In order to generate a weapon budget, consumption tax, income tax, resident tax, property tax, gift tax, automobile tax, national pension insurance premium, employee pension insurance premium, medical expenses, and long -term care insurance premiums, etc. The postponement of payment is about to be forced. In this way, the priority of the military to make the people’s lives worse is “reproduction of pre -war irresponsible systems.”

・ Original maintenance is a position that protects traditional society and its own culture, and absoluts the national economy and independence. However, the maintenance of this era is a completely opposite stance as it promotes colonization by free trade and economic zone. On the other hand, the left wing is a position that aims to enhance labor and welfare rights, and to remedy the vulnerable. However, the left wing of this era has been a complementary force on the right wing, as promoting globalism in cooperation with maintenance. The theory that those in conflicts will be similar by sharing profits are called “horseshoe theory.”

・ In the first place, conservatives are crazy about supporting the “constitutional amendment in a state where foreign troops are stationed in Japan”. This is because if foreign troops revise the constitution in a situation where they dominate their parliament, all laws will be rewritten in foreign countries and will be permanent.

・ Those who are actually working as foreign minions while claiming their maintenance in this way are called “disguise right wings”.

・ Kunio Hamada, a former Supreme Court judge, said that the Liberal Democratic Party’s draft amendment was “I don’t think it is a article written by sane people.”例えば天皇が象徴であるとともに元首であると記され、憲法の三大柱である国民主権・基本的人権・平和主義が否定され、国防軍の創設が明記されるとともに、拷問の絶対禁止の条文から絶対が削除されているのです。このように社会が極めて危険な状況であるにもかかわらず、スポーツやバラエティなどの低劣な娯楽に溺れ、政治への関心を失うことを「アポリティカル」と言います。

< 派遣の兵隊になって死んだところで何の補償もない >


< 権力に付け込まれている内に思考力を失い無反応になった >


< 非理性を振りかざす醜い大人たち >


< 兵器産業に投資する聖職者たち >



< 宗教は普遍の支配ツールである >



< 宗教と政治が癒着し地獄のような社会を作った >



< 政府が国民に仕掛けるテロリズム >



Someone hasn’t done it, but no one has done it once

It was when I was working for a car wash in Sydney in 2008.

For 10 hours a day, he was spending a hard day while wiping the insects buried in the asphalt and the insects on the bonnet.

One day, my colleague unexpectedly said interesting words.

“Isn’t it hard? The day is hot and we will go to play after our work?”

“I want to go home and eat ramen and sleep quickly, do you have the power to go to play?”

If 100 cars went over a day, I was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.

“It’s hard to earn $ 100 even if we work all day.

casino? I have never thought of living abroad in my life, but I have never thought of going to a casino.

“Can we enter?” It was a casino that I only saw in the movie, so I wondered if I could go.

“Of course. Why can’t I go in?”

“Yes, I’m curious. I want to go.”

He was led by a grim reaper and opened the door of his fall.

The scene I saw in Hollywood movies unfolds before my eyes.

The first game I’ve experienced is Blackjack. It is a game that competes with a dealer, and it is a simple gambling that wins a person who is close to 21.

Simple, but the more there is its own strategy, there are a large amount of strategy and books.

In retrospect, I am very embarrassed to see that I have studied by looking at the book with the conviction that there will be a strategy.

There is a casino superstition, but the first visit to the casino says that it wins unconditionally. It is said that it increases the return rate by seeing the ‘taste’, but I lost $ 30.

My colleague bought me rice, saying that I was sorry for the first time I came. But in the process of losing $ 30, victory and defeat coexisted, and at this time, they learned the taste.

“I ate good and evil.”

The next day, I worked on the car wash, but this thought continued to hover in my head.

“Oh, even if you work all day, $ 100, but in the casino, it’s $ 200 in 5 minutes, or $ 300.”

I was very young at that time.

Most Western society lives in weekly salary. This was a big problem for me, but when I got a week, I went to the casino late in the evening.

How much would you earn if a stupid child earned? Most of them are lost, but they get wet with delusions and move back to casinos.

So the quality of life fell, and I ran towards any goal, and I always became an addict in my head.

Many broadcasts have been reported on gambling addiction.

I feel very exaggerated, including shocking content and the life of gambling addicts, but I see it 100% truth.

I would like to recognize the risk of casino gambling at all because of my writing.

“The house always wins”

In the casino, as the defeat increases, there are often people who lose their reason and be blindly bigger. Such people say, “You have to kill the dealer’s flag.”

Casino fraud often has videos where overseas casino dealers are hand -played, but ‘casino edge’ is very likely to win the casino from the beginning. For example, even a half -and -half chance, game players do not just play a game for hours, so the player’s probability is less than 1%.

It’s a game that you can’t win from the beginning, and you shouldn’t think rational.

There is also a saying that the casino design is concrete, such as a sharp blade and glass pieces on the bottom of the casino, and most of the casino buildings are built in a pointed appearance.

Believe it or not to kill the player.

“Betting liquid increases”

At first, most of them start with the minimum bet. Not only do you have a lot of money, but you don’t know well, you can play games with such a fear and joy.

In the casino, it seems to be more valuable to the use of chips.

For example, when you eat out, the beef still belongs to an expensive axis, and if the family eats full, it is spent over 200,000 won. Naturally, 200,000 won will be burdened at a time. But in the casino, 200,000 won is a small amount of money.

Increasing bets is a matter of time and is a matter of economic ability of the person.

In the casino gambling, dopamine increases and heart rate is increasing. To feel this physical change, it requires greater stimuli than previous stimuli. Such a stimulant is an increase in betting liquid.

If you witness a person who keeps bets on a huge amount of money, you will be a person who is not on the rich man, but a hallucinogenic agent.

“Real loser regardless of winning or losing”

“Easily earned money goes out easily,” he can’t make money with casino gambling.

9.999 people fall down rather than ‘one bay’. Can you be rich, whether it’s a little bit of money or a big money every day?

On the day of the victory, they have fun shopping, or they are enshrined for the battle tomorrow, and then add interest and return to the house.

Everyone in gambling boasts a lot of money. If you have won Toto, Casino, and Racing, etc.

Kangwon Land simply rises annually. Is it because of the food and beverage of Gangwon Land?

The higher the living, the higher the gambling addiction rate.

If you look at the people around you, you are especially gambling with Toto and casino, and you can tell my story 10 years ago and to say that they 텍사스포커 are defeated.

This article is written for non -experienced people rather than experienced people, and for fun, for fun, if you go to Gangnam, you will face you.

* epilogue

I left a part -time job and left about 2 million won and left Australia Working Holiday.

There were many things I wanted to do in my early twenties, and my dreams were great.

While working as a car wash, I was very pleasant, and I made my own plan and broke through one by one.

Unfortunately, it did not break up for three months in the guidance of the grim reaper. Time passed like a rein release.

He called his father with two months left in college.

“Son, I’m sorry, but the game is so bad that it’s hard to raise tuition fees. Can I live a year in Australia?”

It was a financial crisis between 2008 and 2009. It’s still scary when the word double dip comes out of the broadcast.

I was able to leave the hallucinations after leaving for a meat factory that Australians avoid.

Please refer to the past, present and future of me.

I hope everyone who has read my writing today will be sincerely happy.

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